Summary== Creates or opens a file for writing and writes text to it. ==Namespace

Unit Test==public void GetSqlDbType_Should_Return_SqlType_Decimal_For_DbType_Decimal() { var dbType = DbType.Decimal; var sqlType = dbType.GetSqlDBType(); Assert.IsType(typeof(SqlDbType), sqlType); } ==Source

Sometimes it's helpful to see what's happening... ///

/// Returns the SqlDbType for a give DbType /// /// public static SqlDbType GetSqlDBType(this DbType dbType) { switch (dbType) { case DbType.AnsiString: return SqlDbType.VarChar; case DbType.AnsiStringFixedLength: return SqlDbType.Char; case DbType.Binary: return SqlDbType.VarBinary; case DbType.Boolean: return SqlDbType.Bit; case DbType.Byte: return SqlDbType.TinyInt; case DbType.Currency: return SqlDbType.Money; case DbType.Date: return SqlDbType.DateTime; case DbType.DateTime: return SqlDbType.DateTime; case DbType.Decimal: return SqlDbType.Decimal; case DbType.Double: return SqlDbType.Float; case DbType.Guid: return SqlDbType.UniqueIdentifier; case DbType.Int16: return SqlDbType.Int; case DbType.Int32: return SqlDbType.Int; case DbType.Int64: return SqlDbType.BigInt; case DbType.Object: return SqlDbType.Variant; case DbType.SByte: return SqlDbType.TinyInt; case DbType.Single: return SqlDbType.Real; case DbType.String: return SqlDbType.NVarChar; case DbType.StringFixedLength: return SqlDbType.NChar; case DbType.Time: return SqlDbType.DateTime; case DbType.UInt16: return SqlDbType.Int; case DbType.UInt32: return SqlDbType.Int; case DbType.UInt64: return SqlDbType.BigInt; case DbType.VarNumeric: return SqlDbType.Decimal; default: return SqlDbType.VarChar; } }


SubSonic 3.0 implements this as an extension on System.String - 2.x uses a static method on SubSonic.Sugar.Files.