Summary== You will need help when using SubSonic - we know that. We want to make this as easy as possible (for both of us) so here are some options for you... ==Search The Wiki== This wiki has taken some serious time and effort to build and there are a lot of answers in here. You can most likely find your answer here. If you can't - please register and then create a Stub of a page, marking it as incomplete: We'll see it and make sure that it gets updated. ==Search The Old Forums

We took our old forums offline and moved everything to StackOverflow. If you have a question you can use our and all of our old threads will be searched. This is especially helpful for SubSonic 2.x and older issues.

Ask a Question on StackOverflow

There are a whole lot of people who monitor the tag on StackOverflow - myself included. You can ask a question and get an answer usually within 30 minutes. Make sure you tag your question with SubSonic!

Use our Mailing List

If you have a suggestion or just want to get ahold of the developers - you can use our mailing list which is subsonicproject at It won't be as fast as StackOverflow and should be used for suggestions or thoughts.