Doc Writing Guide


Doc Writing Guide


As you can see, I've tried to take great pains in the readability and presentation of this site and its contents. I'm fully aware that it's not complete, but I'm happy you've decided to give it a try and help us out. As such, there are just a few really small and simple things that I ask of you...


Please make sure you know just a bit about "WikiTalk" - the syntax for editing a wiki page. If you don't there's a . First - please lead off every page with a "Summary". This should be a header so the page contents can pick it up and should be no more than a paragraph. As they say - "keep it short son" and do your best elevator pitch on what you're going to cover. Next, lay out your thoughts on the page, creating a section for each. Finally - make sure you use our source code highlighter for any code you create: ... There's lots of markup you can use - it's all on the edit page. The most common is "csharp","html4strict", and "sql".

Tone== This isn't a playground, but it's also not an office with cubicles. Let your voice shine through what you write, and feel free to cut loose with whatever you need to cut loose with. That said I'd like to ask you to keep "the tone" respectful. ==Images and Files

You can upload images and files by navigating to a groovy page on the wiki called . On this page is a file uploader and you can push images and other files. To use an image in your page, just upload it and then [[Image:filename.gif]]


This isn't the place for questions - this is for answers. If you have questions please head to or head to our search engine.